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Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine is a system of health care based on the premise that disease is a result of the relationship between anatomical structure and physiological function. Structure and function are interdependent and a normally functioning musculoskeletal system plays an important role in wellness, disease prevention and recovery.

Dr. Still founded the first osteopathic medical school in Kirksville, Missouri in 1892. Today, there are thirty-two osteopathic medical schools throughout the United States. There are two types of physicians in the United States, allopaths (M.D.’s) and osteopaths (D.O.’s). Graduates of osteopathic medical school are fully licensed physicians as our M.D. counterparts. D.O.’s may specialize in any of the medical fields such as orthopedic surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and emergency medicine, but the majority of D.O.’s pursue primary care and preventative medicine. However, only a small minority will specialize in traditional osteopathy or osteopathic manual medicine. These traditional osteopaths use their hands in various modalities to bring about healing. 

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