• Ipod/Ipad Problems Ipod/Ipad Problems You think you cannot recover your 1000+ songs? Think again
  • Data Recovery Data Recovery So you woke up one day losing all data?
  • WIFI the house? WIFI the house? So you just want to just sit anywhere in your house and browse the web with coffee?
  • You got it! You got it! You've come to the right place! LaFix is the solution!
  • Quick Fix Quick Fix No reason to delay. Fix at the shortest possible time.


cloud and on-site tech support

What is LaFix™? Was it from Trala-la Land?

LaFix™ is a new name in PC Repair and Technical Support. LaFix™ is owned and operated by Henry A who has been repairing computers since the year 2000. It all started with his curiosity towards the inside of his "antique" tall CPU. He began fixing his own unit whenever there was a problem. Later on, he acquired more knowledge by using the internet, work experience and through similar geeks. Word about success from his solutions grew until he got more referrals and the rest was history.

The LaFix™ guy is originally a graphic/web designer but it looks like he is more popular in providing solutions than making things beautiful. (Don't tell anyone.) He is still doing good in design jobs though. (Big smile)

LaFix™ was born from his idea of providing quick and affordable solutions for anyone who has thought that their world has come to an end just because they encountered the "blue screen of death", "the unexpected error", or the "zero bytes free" etc, and etc.

LaFix™ aims to become at least another noisy name in the scene (though it's just a mini-something) that fixes tech problems remotely and on-site.

And, if you are wondering why the name LaFix™? Oh well that's a company secret (LOL) - anyway, it's a great name, right? But seriously, LaFix™ fixes and is good in that!