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  • Data Recovery Data Recovery So you woke up one day losing all data?
  • WIFI the house? WIFI the house? So you just want to just sit anywhere in your house and browse the web with coffee?
  • You got it! You got it! You've come to the right place! LaFix is the solution!
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cloud and on-site tech support

Frequently Asked Questions about LaFix™?
1. What are the payment options?

You can pay either of the following 3 options:

2. Do I have to pay in full right away?

For minor issues that charge PHP 250 up to PHP 1000, payment has to be made in full before LaFix™ renders the service in CLOUD-mode. Other issues that charge above PHP 1000 are done in 50-50 balance payment system. Other services which require ON-site would have the payment given during or after the service.

3. What is the difference between Cloud (Online) and On-site Fix?

Cloud (Online) fix means solving technical issues by the use of Skype chat or voice chat, Instant Messengers and or if online system is not applicable for the client, then via local phone. On-site fix solves technical issues through personal visit of LaFix™ to place of client or where the client submits item of technical issue to LaFix™ in a meeting place, then LaFix™ returns to client the fixed item.

4. Can the client choose between Cloud and On-site fix?

Normally, LaFix™ suggests which is the most recommended fix for an issue. By standard, issues which are just minimal and can be fixed via Cloud Fix, is going to be fixed remotely. This usually applies to places which are not yet covered by LaFix™ On-site Fix and those which are outside the Philippines.

5. What are the serviceable areas for On-site Fix?

LaFix™ normally works with offices, small businesses and homes. Currently the following are the serviceable areas for On-site Fix:

•Ortigas Business Center
•Greenhills, San Juan
•Eastwood City
•Makati Business Center
•Tagaytay City, Cavite (province)

Other places which are not listed, if found feasible, can then be arranged with LaFix™.

6. How about the Web/Graphic Design Services how do they work?

7. Is there a money-back guarantee?

There is no money-back guarantee but:

for Cloud fix:
LaFix™ makes an assesment first before confirming with the client for payment, that it can provide the solution

for On-site fix:
LaFix™ just charges the client with a standard diagnostic fee if an item is determined un-repairable.

for Data Recovery:
LaFix™ charges a standard data recovery diagnostic fee of PHP 800 if the storage is determined un-recoverable. Data recovery always begins with a number of storage tests to determine the recoverable portions. It consumes a huge amount of time, depending on the storage size.

8. Any other things to know about Data Recovery Services?

LaFix™ does Data Recovery for storages, but not all hard drives, memory cards and other storage media can be a candidate for data recovery. LaFix™ does a test first to ensure that data recovery is possible, which takes an amount of time. It is advisable for clients not to pursue Data Recovery for physically-damaged storages. Example of these are:

•with heavy ticking sounds
•obvious physical damage signs on the storage